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Below are a few testimonials from our clients …

Pacific Marine Group barge crane mounting and A frame design

Barge crane mounting and A frame design

We have used Col for years as our preferred supplier for all crane and structural steel design and certification work.

Col is extremely knowledgeable in these fields, and has always given us great service, and he bends over backwards to get us what we need – normally in very short time frames.

Steve Jones, Pacific Marine Group

Having the benefit of Col Hooper’s unique experience, knowledge and skills have meant the difference between a job being completed in a timely, efficient manner and delays that can cripple a project.

In North Queensland he is the go-to guy engineering wise for mobile cranes and equipment.

He has my thanks and recommendation

 Cole Smith, Northern Equipment

Osborne mine winder work

Osborne mine winder work

Osborne Mines had engaged the expertise of HME Consulting Engineers for several years because they deliver on promise, “on time and on budget”

Bob Hayes, Superintendent Osborne Site & Deputy Manager|Ivanhoe Australia Ltd